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Industrial Engineering

Time is Money - Process Time Management Made in Germany

Sustainable process improvements often require a professional process time management. The German industry association REFA has been developing German best-practice industrial engineering methods for nearly 100 years now, comprising methods for time studies, pre-determined motion time standards (PMTS), contingency allowance management systems, activity samplings, and much more.

My trainings cover the following core methods in English, German, and Chinese:

  • Process time categories, standard time definitions and formulas according to the German REFA association
  • Professional time studies
  • Management of contingency allowances
  • Estimating allowances and increasing productivity by activity sampling
  • Social competency workshop
  • Ergonomics
  • Group work
  • Multi-machine work
  • Reducing machine change-over and setup times
  • Estimating process times for new jobs
  • Standard data management
  • Pre-determined motion time standards (MTM-1, UAS, etc.)
  • Industrial cost management
  • Wage and salary structures

The trainings can be customised to your needs according to above-mentioned contents.

Location: On your premises in the People’s Republic of China or in countries nearby; upon request also online.

Fees: Please contact me to obtain an individual offer.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me: