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Procurement and Supply Chain Management

A Dollar Saved is More Than a Dollar Earned​

Optimizing your own business processes is one thing, but winning reliable and cost-competitive suppliers is another story.

Many Western companies’ buying organizations in China are suffering from legal risks, high costs, and unsatisfactory quality due to poor contract and tender management, exacerbated by ignorance towards Chinese legal requirements and the adaptation of incompliant business practices.

For some years now, I have been offering training courses based on the CPSM training material of the American Institute for Supply Management (ISM). The training specifically accounts for the differences between Western and Chinese legal requirements and the pitfalls of incompliant business practices:

  • Purchasing vs. Procurement vs. Supply Management (according to SM-Core Module 1)
  • Category and Commodity Management (acc. to SM-Core Module 2)
  • Sourcing strategies (acc. to SM-Core Module 3)
  • Identifying suppliers, tender management (acc. to SM-Core Module 4)
  • Negotiations (acc. to SM-Core Module 5)
  • Contracting (acc. to SM-Core Modules 6 and 7)
  • Legal and regulatory compliance (acc. to SM-Core Module 8)
  • Supplier Relationship Management (acc. to SM-Core Module 9)
  • Supplier qualification and performance evaluation (acc. to SM-Core Module 10)
  • Cost management (acc. to SM-Core Module 11)
  • Budgeting, financial modelling (acc. to SM-Core Module 12)
  • Product and service development (acc. to SM-Integration Module 2)
  • Demand planning and forecasting (acc. to SM-Integration Module 3-5)
  • Warehouse logistics and materials handling (acc. to SM-Integration Module 6)
  • Transport logistics (acc. to SM-Integration Module 7)
  • Asset and inventory accounting (acc. to SM-Integration Module 8)
  • Supplier quality management (acc. to SM-Integration Module 9)
  • Project management (acc. to SM-Integration Module 10)
  • Leadership vs. management (acc. to SM-LT Module 1)
  • Strategy development (acc. to SM-LT Modules 2 and 3)
  • Business plan development (acc. to SM-LT Module 4)
  • Stakeholder management (acc. to SM-LT Module 5)
  • Organizational structures (acc. to SM-LT Module 6)
  • Performance measurement (acc. to SM-LT Module 7)
  • Talent management (acc. to SM-LT Module 8)
  • Leveraging technology (acc. to SM-LT Module 9)
  • Risk management (acc. to SM-LT Module 10)
  • Compliance (acc. to SM-LT Module 11)
  • Sustainability and corporate social responsibility (acc. to SM-LT Module 12)

Contents: To be chosen from training modules above

Duration: 1-5 days, depending on the selected content

Location: On your premises in the People’s Republic of China or in countries nearby; upon request also online.

Fees: Please contact me to obtain an individual offer.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me by e-mail: